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So besides being one of those guys who loves looking through the lens of a camera. I’m a huge movie nerd who spends wayyy to much money at the movie theaters. If I had to pick a favorite, I guess I would have to go with Good Will Hunting (R.I.P. Robin Williams). It just gets me in the feelings. Most days though you’ll typically find me with my amazingly, attractive and beautifully smart, hardworking, talented girlfriend, Janelle. We spend a lot of time working together and telling each other stupid jokes to help keep each other sane. I guess it’s also good to mention I like to make a lot of dumb jokes, pretty much for no better reason than making myself laugh. I love deep conversations and am not much of a chit chat kinda guy. So with that in mind I guess I’m going to have to wrap this up and go see about a girl… (Cheesy, I know) Feel free to share some of your favorite cheesy movie lines with me, I'm always looking to add to my collection.


Growing up I was the kid that would spend hours going through skateboarding magazines, ripping out all my favorite photos and hanging them up on the wall. While those days are over, I still like to collect images but rather than putting them on my wall, they find a home here instead. I’m always looking for beautiful things and new things to spark inspiration.



While you wouldn’t want to hear me belting out my favorite songs or hear me trying to fiddle around with a guitar, music has always been a big part of my life. Whether it be going to shows or jamming out in the car I always have music on. Check out some of my favorites or see what I’m currently listening to and see if theres any favorites we can jam along to together.






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